World Traveler Gallery

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    Visitors will say jambo (“hello” in Swahili) to Kenya’s Kids, an interactive exhibit created by The Magic House to introduce children to the East African republic of Kenya. 


    Kenya’s Kids is generously made possible by the Crawford Taylor Foundation and The Dana Brown Charitable Trust, U.S. Bank Trustee.

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    This new exhibit debuts as the first of several cultural exhibits in the new World Traveler Gallery.  During their visit, families will discover the many similarities and differences in the daily lives of children in Kenya. 

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    The exhibit features immersive environments including a Kenyan school where children will learn Swahili using touchscreen notebooks, just like students in Kenya.

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    In the Kenyan home, children will use a beautiful Khanga cloth to carry a baby on their back or dress as a Maasai, one of 43 ethnic groups in Kenya.

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    Visitors can take a ride, or drive, a matatu – a common form of transportation in Kenya.

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    Kids can also become a keeper at an elephant orphanage that cares for abandoned baby animals and learn about animal conservation.

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    At the national reserve, children can become a ranger and drive a safari vehicle to learn about the animals that live on Kenya’s vast savanna.

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    Visitors will also marvel at life-size sculptures of native African animals, created by local artisans in Nairobi, integrated into the exhibit.

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    Visitors can shop in an outdoor market and at a duka, tiny shops found throughout Kenya, as they learn about the country’s advanced mobile-based financial system.