Outreach Programs

Let us bring The Magic House to you! These outreach experiences allow the Museum’s Education staff to bring STEAM Learning experiences to students. Outreach programs are offered throughout the year, with some summer opportunities available. Rates are determined by the program selected and number of sessions presented. Fees are based on schools within a 25-mile radius of The Magic House. If beyond this distance, please add $1.50 per mile.

Reservations can be made by contacting Emily Norton (emily@magichouse.org)

Book SMArt


During a Book SMArt visit, children will be inspired by a visually engaging children’s book to create a work of art. These art projects will allow students to get creative, all while exploring science and math concepts. The Magic House will bring all the supplies needed!

Below are the programs available:

  • Cityscape Printmaking – City Shapes by: Diana Murray
  • Winter Texture Collage – Ten Ways to Hear Snow by: Cathy Camper
  • Play Clay Mosaic – Everybody in the Red Brick Building by: Anne Wynter

Program Cost:

  • $125 (one session)
  • $150 (two sessions)
  • $175 (three sessions)

A Little Bit of STEAM

Early Childhood/Preschool

This playful learning program brings parents and children together for hands-on discovery while exploring basic science, technology, engineering, art and math activities. Perfect for an after-school, evening or weekend Family event.

Program Cost: $300

Program Length: 45 minutes

Size Limit: Maximum 50 students and their accompanying adults

Make-It Magic Events (Outside of School Hours)

Team up with The Magic House for your next school family event! The Magic House offers unique traveling programs that are perfect for STEAM nights and more. Each activity includes hands-on experiences and a Magic House staff member to guide the experience from start to finish.

Make-It Magic invites children to put their do-it-yourself skills to the test. A variety of hands-on experiences are provided based on the details of the event.

  • Design and build a catapult from household items to launch balls into the air!
  • Explore the power of air with our Mini Bernoulli Blower.
  • Prototype a parachute to fly in the wind tunnel!
  • Cut and fold a paper whirlybird to make some wings and watch it fly!
  • Create a unique image to turn into a jigsaw puzzle.

… And so much more!


  • $250 for a two-hour visit
  • $75 for each additional hour

Not-for-profit organizations, Title-1 Schools, and community partners of The Magic House can request that fees be waived. Only a limited number of free events are available.