New and Special Exhibits

Wonder Works

Wonder Works is a unique exhibit area created especially for young children that takes curious minds and busy bodies on a fun, learning adventure filled with hands-on, feet-on activities.

Explore simple machines
Learn about the power of air
Investigate the natural world
Bring creativity to life in the Sketch Aquarium
Improve gross motor skills through play on slides, tunnels, a climber and more!

With so much to discover and explore, this special place is sure to spark a sense of wonder in every child!

Super Kids Save the World Exhibit

February 13 – May 15

Super Kids to the rescue! At the Super Kids Save the World exhibit, The Magic House's green exhibit, kids can tag along on a superhero adventure to save the earth. Visitors will have a super time donning a cape and boots to become an energy-saving superhero, peddling a bike to light up a city street, visiting a farmer's market, dressing up at the Reuse Charity Shop, making science discoveries in the research lab and much more, all while learning important skills to help protect the planet.