Argentina’s Ninos

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    Argentina’s Niños inspires visitors to compare the similarities and differences between their lives and those of children in the second largest country in South America. Families will feel like they have traveled to Argentina as they explore five immersive environments, learning about the traditions and lifestyles of Argentine children.

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    Argentina’s Niños is generously made possible by The Kent Family Foundation.

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    Visitors will be introduced to Spanish as they explore an Argentine school and learn about Casa Rosada (Pink House), the office of Argentina’s president similar to the United States’ White House.

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    Families will enjoy making empanadas and mate, a popular drink in Argentina, in a traditional Argentine home. Children will also learn about the gauchos as well as explore the countryside as they climb the Andes Mountains.

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    At the market, families will shop for produce, select a sweet treat from the bakery or visit a butcher to gather ingredients to grill a traditional Argentine family meal.

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    Honoring the country’s love for futbol (soccer), children will be able to dress in an Argentine national futbol team kit (uniform), take a penalty shot like Argentina’s star player Lionel Messi or play a game of foosball, a popular game in Argentina.

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    The exhibit features a replica of La Boca, a beautiful neighborhood where children can contribute to a vibrant street painting, just like they would find in Argentina.