Passport To The World: Cultural Program Series

From the Argentinian Tango Festival to Diwali Festival of Lights to a Chinese New Year Celebration join us in celebrating cultures from around the world in our year-long Passport To The World: Cultural Program Series! Each program will provide engaging, interactive and hands-on opportunities that will help to promote global literacy and foster tolerance and inclusion of different traditions, religions, appearances, languages and art forms.

Passport To The World: Cultural Programs are free with Museum Admission. 


German Easter
Saturday, April 8

Frohe Ostern! In Germany there is a centuries-old Easter tradition called, Ostereierbaum where families decorate eggs and hang them from a tree or create a beautiful centerpiece by hanging the eggs from branches in a vase. To share this German tradition St. Louis-Stuttgart Sister Cities, will be in The Magic House Art Studio to help children decorate a paper mache egg and hang them with ribbon from branches. 

National Children’s Day
Saturday, May 13

Families come together to celebrate the healthy growth and happiness of their children on Japan’s National Children’s Day. On this important day, families in Japan will fly carp-shaped streamers called koinobori to symbolize strength and success for their children. Come celebrate the children in your life!

St. Louis Okinawa Kenjinkai is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Okinawan cultural heritage, traditional music, dance, cuisine, language, and art to the people of St. Louis.