Passport To The World: Cultural Program Series

From the Argentinian Tango Festival to Diwali Festival of Lights to a Chinese New Year Celebration join us in celebrating cultures from around the world in our year-long Passport To The World: Cultural Program Series! Each program will provide engaging, interactive and hands-on opportunities that will help to promote global literacy and foster tolerance and inclusion of different traditions, religions, appearances, languages and art forms.

Passport To The World: Cultural Programs are free with Museum Admission. 


Chinese New Year

Date: Saturday, January 13, 2024

This month we celebrate the Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year. This year we welcome the year of the Dragon, symbolizing good luck, strength and health. Join us in celebrating the new year with art, drums, and lion dances to invite good luck into your new year.  

The St. Louis Modern Chinese School is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing children of all ages and cultural backgrounds with avenues for learning Chinese culture through programs that teach calligraphy, crafts, song, dance and more. 

Italy’s Carnevale

Date: Saturday, February 10

Carnevale is a colorful and vibrant event celebrated around the world during the winter weeks leading up to Lent. In Italy, Carnevale is elegant and extravagant and famous for its traditional masks and Venetian-style costumes. Join us this month to indulge in a true Italian Carnevale with costumes and spectacles for all to enjoy.  

Venice in the Lou is a local group dedicated to bringing Italy’s Carnevale to St. Louis. Formed during the pandemic when international travel was prohibited, the group has become so popular that they continue to celebrate this age-old tradition. 

India’s Holi Festival of Color

Date: Saturday, March 9

This month we celebrate Holi, India’s Festival of Color. Holi observes the coming of spring and welcomes the joy of new beginnings by bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to celebrate as one community. Join us as we celebrate the Festival of Colors with our very own color throw and other fun activities.  

Registration is required and sold separately.  

Bal Vihar Center for Indian Cultural Education works to promote, instill, and foster Indian culture in children through yogasana, Indian literature, service programs and other cultural education programs. Gayathri Seetharaman, Pratima Murali, and Shilpa Rao are all teaching artists with a passion for Indian art and culture. 

Germany’s Easter Celebration

Date: Saturday, April 13

Frohe Ostern! This month we are celebrating Easter with a German twist! Germans have been dying and decorating eggs for centuries. Today, the tradition has become a staple for Easter celebrations where children and families decorate eggs before hanging them on an ostereierbaum, or Easter egg tree. Join us in exploring this timeless tradition accompanied by German Kindertanzgruppe dance performances throughout the day.  

The German Cultural Society of St. Louis began in 1945 to support German refugees fleeing Europe because of World War II. Today they strive to preserve their cultural heritage by fostering fellowship and sharing traditions including those related to language, music, and dance.  

The St. Louis-Stuttgart Sister Cities was founded in 1960 to promote understanding and collaboration between St. Louis, Missouri and Stuttgart, Germany. Today, the group builds awareness of German Culture, promotes friendships and fosters peace.  

Celebrate Kenya

Date: Saturday, May 11

This month we celebrate Kenya, one of Africa’s 54 unique and diverse countries. Join us in the celebration of the rich culture and traditions of this East African country with live dance, drum performances and African storytelling as we explore Kenya’s vibrant culture and inspiring history.   

Vitendo4Africa is a not-for-profit organization in St. Louis that works towards empowering immigrant individuals and families through advocacy, provision of services, building relationships and educational programs. Catherine Ndegwa is a children’s book writer and storyteller. Born and raised in Kenya, Catherine teaches children about the rich culture, art, and history of her native country through storytelling.  

Celebrate Puerto Rico

Date: Saturday, June 8

As we prepare for the opening of our newest traveling exhibit in partnership with PBS Kids, Alma’s Way, this month we will celebrate Alma’s Puerto Rican heritage and colorful culture. Join us as we explore Puerto Rican culture through music, storytelling and art.  

The Puerto Rican Society of St. Louis is a not-for-profit organization working to uphold Puerto Rican values and culture while supporting education and charitable services.